Book Review! How Add Value to Your Home - and Prepare to Sell!

Even though it's currently -28 degrees outside, I promise spring is coming (eventually haha)! With that new season comes a renewed real estate market. The sun will be out, the birds singing, and the market being flooded with new listings. How in the world do you make YOUR lovely new listing stand out against the crowd? Hire the most expensive photographer? Maybe. Start with an ultra lean asking price? Not ideal! How about some upgrades around the house? Aaaaah now we're getting somewhere!

If you want to stand out against a neighbourhood of similar listings: upgrade your home! Now, getting a proper ROI (return on investment) is the absolute key to all of this. Shelling out $15,000 on the mother-of-all kitchen renovations doesn't automatically mean you'll get that money back on the resale. So, HOW DO you add real value to your home and preserve a healthy ROI? That's where Scott McGillivray's book, How to Add Value to Your Home, comes in! 

Essentially, Scott demystifies all the in's and out's of home renovation in an honest and upfront way. Ever wonder the best way to pick a contractor? How about what kind of roof will give you the best ROI? Maybe, you were thinking of buying an income property. All of this, and so much more (wow that sounds like a late night infomercial) is in Scotts book.

One of the nice touches Scott adds to the book is the chapter layout. Each chapter deals with a different room or area of the house. So, if your bathroom is getting a little tired, there is a chapter dedicated to that. Maybe, you are looking for advice on what to do with that unfinished basement; BOOM, chapter on that too! 

Even if you’re not thinking of selling or renovating in the near future, I’d STILL recommend you have a copy of this book. Scott includes some fantastic advice on general home maintenance and upkeep that any home owner should know!

Honestly, this book was so straightforward and easy to read that I felt that I had to make video about it. So I did! Check it out below!

Well, what are you waiting for, go check out that book, and start adding some real value to your home right now! #notsponsered haha

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